I’m sure everyone by now has received the email from YouTube. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, YouTube sent every creator and email stating they made changes to their YPP, or YouTube Partner Program which takes effect in February this year.

What are the changes? In order to take part in their revenue system, you have to meet certain requirements. Before, anybody could create a YouTube account, set up and AdSense account and start making money. YouTube’s new requirements require you to have 1.) At least 1000 subscribers, and 2.) A threshold of at least 4000 hours watch time.

My Opinion I understand they’re trying to balance the “ecosystem”, but I really think they made a mistake. I’m sure I’ll be one of many who will stop producing videos because of this, and in turn it will make YouTube less popular. While I have the subscriber count and just shy of the view count, I still plan on quitting YouTube.

Why Am I quitting? Firstly, I don’t think that was a smart move for them to do, and so many people are already pissed. YouTube is so saturated, you have a hard time getting noticed unless it’s something truly unique. My view counts are okay, nothing to be famous over. I just like for people to see me paint and get paid for it. I definitely don’t like the monetization program, never did. They pay you pennies, literally. It’s totally not worth it unless your video becomes a huge hit. Another problem is people like your videos, they like watching you. But honestly who actually scroll down to visit their site? I get more from Facebook than I do YouTube. .

For now I am leaving my account and videos up for people to view, but I don’t plan on making anymore videos for now, unless YouTube miraculously changes for the better. ~GagaForArt
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