Since my last entry, not much has been completed with paintings here in the past couple weeks. There are no pictures I can upload right now, but when I get everything uploaded to my store and gallery I will update in another post. 

It’s been a little slow around here; between dealing with my SSI hearing, our new kitten Tigger, and getting the flu, it has interrupted my painting activities for a while. I managed to get a haircut during all this mess lol. Yup! Here’s how much hair I cut off:

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Yes, that’s a lot! I cut it myself, I just wanted it gone. πŸ˜˜ No more split ends and long annoying hair. 

I did manage to start painting something, but I haven’t finished yet as I’m not pleased with the results. There’s another painting called “City” that I completed a while back, but I never posted it on here. It’s a knife impressionism painting in oil. Pictures will be uploaded soon, along with prints being available in the store. 

That’s it for now!




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