My Story

Hello, my name is Katherine Piatkowski. I am an artist who paints mainly sunflowers, and in oil. I've been enjoying painting my whole life, but I also enjoy trying different mediums and being creative. It's hard to stick with one method without getting urges to try something else and mix things up.

I started drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil, but not seriously until middle school. That led to painting in high school. I am a self-taught artist that learns on-the-go.

I decided to create this website for various reasons.

  • It's important to display all your art pieces in one place that's easily accessible, aka, a website.


  • Giving people the opportunity to purchase my limited edition prints is another reason I needed a website. There's also an option to purchase framed prints!


  • Keeping updated with my blog to see new prints available, progress on artwork, and to see any other news happening.


  • ¬†Lastly, to establish something for me as an artist. You need to throw yourself out on the internet. Advertising on independent social platforms is a great way, but where are you going to lead your possible customers to? How are they going to see your whole portfolio?

Be sure to keep checking in on my website to see what's new! Contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I am always updating this website, always adding products, tweaking just about everything. Thanks for stopping by!