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😀 New Prints & Updates 😀

Sorry for the 2-week hiatus, but I have been busy with life things. Let me just say first, we got a new kitten! 😍 He is an orange & white tabby, about 3 months old, from what the lady told us so you can’t be so sure. He looks bigger? It could be when he gets older he’s gonna be a very big cat lol.

Here’s a picture of him!

Tigger passed out here 😘 He is still getting used to our house, he really is a unique cat and I love him. He loves to meow though, from missing his mommy and siblings. That’s gonna take longer for him to adjust, but I will be patient. 

Besides being busy with our new kitten, that’s taking a lot of time and energy to make him feel comfortable here as much as possible. I’ve been busy with other things as well; dealing with an SSI hearing, and other daily life stuff. 

I managed to add a couple new prints to the store that should have been added a while ago and rescan others for better resolution. The rest of the pictures I will have to update at a later date. 


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