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🌻 New Sunflower Prints Available! 🌻

In my last post, I finished a sunflower painting with Crayola markers but haven’t listed it on here yet for sale. I recently updated my website so now it’s available in prints starting @ $5.99! All prints will be signed as usual and limited to 100 prints then retired 🙃

 Here is a low resolution scanned image of the finished painting. When printed, it will be higher quality. My next painting will be in marker also. I’m not sure when it will be finished, but *hint hint* it will be another sunflower painting! 😃


Crayola Marker Experiment

I decided to change it up a bit (my painting style), and try something experimental. It wasn’t a planned experiment, more along the lines of; I bought the markers originally to start doodling, thinking I was going to get a good result from that alone. Disappointed (lol), I held off on trying anything for a few days. I knew there had to be a way to turn cheap kids markers into something more…artistic. I knew you wouldn’t get the BEST results from it, but what can you expect really?

So you’re probably wondering what prompted me to paint with Crayola markers lol. I’m cheap! 😂 Markers are a new media for me as an artist; I never really tried them before to create an art piece. I didn’t want to make a big investment in expensive markers to feel if I liked it and wanted to pursue it further. Artist markers can be pretty expensive as a whole. To really paint a nice picture you need multiple colors, and I’m not talking about a few markers. You’d need like 5 shades of every color, and the price can add up if you’re talking a couple dollars for each pen. I found out Crayola has Super Tip markers that come in a pack of 50 for about $7. I like to look for the cheaper alternatives and try to make the best out of it. Who doesn’t?

I first attempted to paint with them on watercolor paper, but it ended up looking like a child’s painting lol. That’s when I took a few days to leave it alone. I just so happened to find leftover materials I have in my art room that I wanted to experiment with. And surprise surprise, it came out pretty good! 

I love sunflowers, so that’s what I decided to go with. Obviously, I don’t plan on revealing the process of creating it, or what I used. That’s going to stay a secret between me and me 🙃 So here, enjoy the sunflower painting I created with Crayola markers!

This isn’t the highest quality picture, but it will be scanned and ready for prints in a few days. I may even make some tweaks before I do that. 

Thanks for reading!