New Painting! Galaxy and Earth 🌍

This painting, which still is somewhat unfinished but I had to share, is my no-name painting! Lol. I can’t figure out a name yet. You can see the galaxy, and trees melting into the inner core of Earth. In this picture you can’t see the stars as much, and other specs. Once I have this piece finished and dried, I can scan it to the computer. The original piece can be sold, but prints will also be made and available as well. 

It’s a little different than my normal paintings as you can tell. It just sort of popped in my head when I had the canvas out. Sometimes I like to go off track and try something else.

Painted in oil, on a 11×14″ canvas I believe (not in front of me). My prints start out at $5.99 with free shipping, and up to $14 framed, also with free shipping!

I think for the next painting I will do something with sunflower, but who knows 🙃 I love the whole sunflower theme, I love painting them. 


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