Crayola Marker Experiment

I decided to change it up a bit (my painting style), and try something experimental. It wasn’t a planned experiment, more along the lines of; I bought the markers originally to start doodling, thinking I was going to get a good result from that alone. Disappointed (lol), I held off on trying anything for a few days. I knew there had to be a way to turn cheap kids markers into something more…artistic. I knew you wouldn’t get the BEST results from it, but what can you expect really?

So you’re probably wondering what prompted me to paint with Crayola markers lol. I’m cheap! 😂 Markers are a new media for me as an artist; I never really tried them before to create an art piece. I didn’t want to make a big investment in expensive markers to feel if I liked it and wanted to pursue it further. Artist markers can be pretty expensive as a whole. To really paint a nice picture you need multiple colors, and I’m not talking about a few markers. You’d need like 5 shades of every color, and the price can add up if you’re talking a couple dollars for each pen. I found out Crayola has Super Tip markers that come in a pack of 50 for about $7. I like to look for the cheaper alternatives and try to make the best out of it. Who doesn’t?

I first attempted to paint with them on watercolor paper, but it ended up looking like a child’s painting lol. That’s when I took a few days to leave it alone. I just so happened to find leftover materials I have in my art room that I wanted to experiment with. And surprise surprise, it came out pretty good! 

I love sunflowers, so that’s what I decided to go with. Obviously, I don’t plan on revealing the process of creating it, or what I used. That’s going to stay a secret between me and me 🙃 So here, enjoy the sunflower painting I created with Crayola markers!

This isn’t the highest quality picture, but it will be scanned and ready for prints in a few days. I may even make some tweaks before I do that. 

Thanks for reading! 



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