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3 New Paintings Available for Prints!😎

Today I uploaded 3 pictures of my artwork to my website! Available in prints; sizes available are 3×5, 5×7, 8×10, and 11×14. Prices range from $5.99-$9.99 with free shipping! 

My first painting is called “Wheat”. Wheatgrass stands tall in front with the wind blowing in the sunset. I had completed this some time ago but never got around to uploading it to make prints. As with most of my artwork, it is painted in oil.

The middle picture is my art piece “Lavender” that I completed recently. I can get away with simple titles for now lol! This is lavender blowing in the wind with a sky background. 

The picture all the way to the right is another recent piece of a girl sucking on a lollipop. You ask what the title is? Take a guess πŸ˜‚ Yes, it’s “Lollipop”. Painted in a blue color because I had blue leftover from my last painting that I didn’t want to waste. It turned out neat though πŸ˜€

These pictures are cut off because I needed to squish them all together for ya’ll to see ’em πŸ˜Ž Nice preview though! To check them out, head to my store and look for Wheat, Lavender, and Lollipop.


5×8″ Size Prints Changed to 5×7″

I recently changed all my prints from size 5×8″ to 5×7″. Why? 5×7″ is the standard and somehow, a long time ago I decided to do 5×8″ lol. The pictures turned out a little too wide as you can imagine. It wasn’t until I realized an order came in for that size (most popular print sizes are 8×10″ and 11×14″) that I noticed it printed pictures that were wider than normal. 

Enjoy πŸ™‚


πŸ”₯CampfireπŸ”₯ Oil Painting

This painting of a campfire in oil was completed a week or 2 ago. I have been waiting for it to dry so I can scan it to my computer. This painting was a little difficult; blending the flames into the sky, the darkness of the grass, and blending the wood and embers into the grass. I am overall happy with the result. Each painting I do is a learning experience, and at times frustrating lol. 

I love the dark colors together with the fire, and the blue sky. This will be ready to purchase soon, as I have to update the store πŸ™‚ Like all my other paintings, I will only be printing 100 then the painting will be retired. Here it is!








So it’s been a long while since I’ve painted a portrait. I chose “Rocky” because Sylvester Stallone is one of my favorite actors. Finding the right skin tone was challenging, while maintaining the style I paint in. Here’s the picture I’ve taken with my phone:


“City” Painting | More Paintings | Flu | Haircut

Since my last entry, not much has been completed with paintings here in the past couple weeks. There are no pictures I can upload right now, but when I get everything uploaded to my store and gallery I will update in another post. 

It’s been a little slow around here; between dealing with my SSI hearing, our new kitten Tigger, and getting the flu, it has interrupted my painting activities for a while. I managed to get a haircut during all this mess lol. Yup! Here’s how much hair I cut off:

Image may contain: one or more people

Yes, that’s a lot! I cut it myself, I just wanted it gone. πŸ˜˜ No more split ends and long annoying hair. 

I did manage to start painting something, but I haven’t finished yet as I’m not pleased with the results. There’s another painting called “City” that I completed a while back, but I never posted it on here. It’s a knife impressionism painting in oil. Pictures will be uploaded soon, along with prints being available in the store. 

That’s it for now!




πŸ˜€ New Prints & Updates πŸ˜€

Sorry for the 2-week hiatus, but I have been busy with life things. Let me just say first, we got a new kitten! πŸ˜ He is an orange & white tabby, about 3 months old, from what the lady told us so you can’t be so sure. He looks bigger? It could be when he gets older he’s gonna be a very big cat lol.

Here’s a picture of him!

Tigger passed out here πŸ˜˜ He is still getting used to our house, he really is a unique cat and I love him. He loves to meow though, from missing his mommy and siblings. That’s gonna take longer for him to adjust, but I will be patient. 

Besides being busy with our new kitten, that’s taking a lot of time and energy to make him feel comfortable here as much as possible. I’ve been busy with other things as well; dealing with an SSI hearing, and other daily life stuff. 

I managed to add a couple new prints to the store that should have been added a while ago and rescan others for better resolution. The rest of the pictures I will have to update at a later date. 


Check out my store for Prints to see what’s new!










YouTube Has Been Canceled For Now

I’m sure everyone by now has received the email from YouTube. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, YouTube sent every creator and email stating they made changes to their YPP, or YouTube Partner Program which takes effect in February this year.

What are the changes? In order to take part in their revenue system, you have to meet certain requirements. Before, anybody could create a YouTube account, set up and AdSense account and start making money. YouTube’s new requirements require you to have 1.) At least 1000 subscribers, and 2.) A threshold of at least 4000 hours watch time.

My Opinion I understand they’re trying to balance the “ecosystem”, but I really think they made a mistake. I’m sure I’ll be one of many who will stop producing videos because of this, and in turn it will make YouTube less popular. While I have the subscriber count and just shy of the view count, I still plan on quitting YouTube.

Why Am I quitting? Firstly, I don’t think that was a smart move for them to do, and so many people are already pissed. YouTube is so saturated, you have a hard time getting noticed unless it’s something truly unique. My view counts are okay, nothing to be famous over. I just like for people to see me paint and get paid for it. I definitely don’t like the monetization program, never did. They pay you pennies, literally. It’s totally not worth it unless your video becomes a huge hit. Another problem is people like your videos, they like watching you. But honestly who actually scroll down to visit their site? I get more from Facebook than I do YouTube. .

For now I am leaving my account and videos up for people to view, but I don’t plan on making anymore videos for now, unless YouTube miraculously changes for the better. ~GagaForArt

New Prints Available!

I recently added my Ocean and sunflower painting available for purchase. I went ahead and made a print of those and prints of my Elephant and flower paintings. The pictures are of the actual prints, not the image. The prints shown are 11×14″ and are only $10 with free shipping! Hope you guys like ’em. Here they are:

“Ocean” Oil Painting Impressionism

“Ocean” Oil Painting Impressionism

I posted earlier that I painted an ocean painting on here and Facebook, giving you guys a preview πŸ˜„ Well, the painting turned out pretty good! I used blue, white, and black… well you can see it in the video. 

I have yet to scan the picture to be ready for prints, but that will be soon I promise. I’ll have to do it along with the flowers I painted earlier as well. Nothing’s more aggravating than scanning a piece only to lift it back up and see spots of paint on the glass πŸ˜Ž Luckily it’s easy to wipe off, but still.

The video below will play directly with my Youtube library. Thanks for the views! 

My next painting will definitely have blue in it, I need to paint something before the paint dries up all shriveled and hard lol. I’m thinking about another ocean scene, or perhaps something else with blue in it πŸ˜Ž

Enough jibberish, here’s the video:



New Look And Feel

Lately I’ve changed the look and feel of my website. The theme has changed, and modules were shuffled around to make it look better. I’m not quite done though, little tweaks will be made overtime πŸ˜€. You like it? 

I’m still painting! I haven’t put that on hold. My next painting is of an ocean. Well while I was painting I squeezed MORE than I should have of blue. And rather wasting it, I’m going to paint something in…blue lol. I love painting the ocean so it might be that. 

Remember if you think I need to add something or make a change, feel free to suggest something.