New Prints Available!

I recently added my Ocean and sunflower painting available for purchase. I went ahead and made a print of those and prints of my Elephant and flower paintings. The pictures are of the actual prints, not the image. The prints shown are 11×14″ and are only $10 with free shipping! Hope you guys like ’em. Here they are:

“Ocean” Oil Painting Impressionism

“Ocean” Oil Painting Impressionism

I posted earlier that I painted an ocean painting on here and Facebook, giving you guys a preview 😄 Well, the painting turned out pretty good! I used blue, white, and black… well you can see it in the video. 

I have yet to scan the picture to be ready for prints, but that will be soon I promise. I’ll have to do it along with the flowers I painted earlier as well. Nothing’s more aggravating than scanning a piece only to lift it back up and see spots of paint on the glass 😎 Luckily it’s easy to wipe off, but still.

The video below will play directly with my Youtube library. Thanks for the views! 

My next painting will definitely have blue in it, I need to paint something before the paint dries up all shriveled and hard lol. I’m thinking about another ocean scene, or perhaps something else with blue in it 😎

Enough jibberish, here’s the video:



New Look And Feel

Lately I’ve changed the look and feel of my website. The theme has changed, and modules were shuffled around to make it look better. I’m not quite done though, little tweaks will be made overtime 😀. You like it? 

I’m still painting! I haven’t put that on hold. My next painting is of an ocean. Well while I was painting I squeezed MORE than I should have of blue. And rather wasting it, I’m going to paint something in…blue lol. I love painting the ocean so it might be that. 

Remember if you think I need to add something or make a change, feel free to suggest something. 


“Hay Bale” Oil Painting

Hay Bales stacked in the background, clear sky. My new painting was neither a hit or a miss lol. But every painting is a learning experience. I expect my next painting to have blue in it, so most likely water? My new tube of blue paint came in the mail, but I am still waiting for my burnt sienna. I am holding off on anything that has brown in it lol until I get it in the mail.

Here’s a video of my Hay Bale painting:


Check out my video  😀


– GagaForArt



New Year & New Painting 😀

Happy New Years! I don’t normally do New Year’s resolutions, but this year my goal is SSI LOL. I really don’t want anything else; I NEED this. I’ve been trying for a few years now, and I do have a hearing in February. So a couple months after that I should get a decision. Either I get approved or I start all over again.

Right now what I’m doing to keep myself busy and sane (lol), and to make some money other than relying on Birthdays and Christmas, I am painting and selling a few prints here and there. All while trying to find a part-time job for 12 hours a week if that’s even possible. I have some hope for this years hearing decision. Heck, I don’t even care about the retroactive, I just need a steady income. After I get that, I can finally live better. Here’s to living better! Lol.

So yea, I completed another painting in impressionism style! This is a flower pot with pink flowers. I did record myself painting and uploaded it to Youtube HERE.

I will have prints available soon for this particular piece, so look out for them 🙂

Here’s a picture preview:

Thanks for reading,

~ GagaForArt

Merry Christmas & New Painting!

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas as I did 😀

Today I ended up purchasing a few art supplies I completely ran out of. And of course I bought some candy that I shouldn’t be eating, but it was half off! 

Here is another painting I’ve completed “Owl” (Click the link for my YouTube speed painting video):

Click Here 

I will be adding this to my store soon 😃


Updated Prices 

For awhile, the print prices weren’t all the same. A couple prints were set to the correct price, the others were still at their original pricing. 

Today I corrected all the print prices, yay!

I am also going to start a giveaway! I can’t say what it is yet, but it will be VERY soon 😃. 

– GagaForArt


Snow is here 😍 Well not as happy because our car is parked in the street 😂 I woke up this morning to a surprise. Luckily for me, the snow was super fluffy! I had to move the car onto the grass, and had to cancel my appointment for today. 

Its not a ton of snow, but our car is the WORSE in any snow/ice. 

Today I get to stay home and relax and watch tv 😃 

Yes, those are my new leggings 😍. I still have to get things done around the house, but do I have the energy? 😂. 

So I should start another painting soon, to keep on schedule. Its always a mystery of what I’m going to paint. I haven’t completely updated my store prices yet, but I’ll get to it. 

– Gagaforart