11×14″ Frames Matted to 8×10″ Prints Available

Today I finished editing my store to now include frame purchases. I deleted the “Framed Prints” section, which only had 1 product listed anyways, and added an option to choose a frame size under “Prints” products. I also added a picture to all my print listings to show what the frame would look like, matted. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or patience for that matter to crop pictures into the middle to show you what the print would look like framed. As time goes by and I sell framed prints, I will take pictures and replace the old with the new.

There is only 1 option as of now to choose from, which is a 11×14″ frame matted to an 8×10″ print. All my prints are still signed and numbered. In the future, I will add an option for 5×7″ and 11×14″ prints to be framed and matted.

How much extra does it cost? Well, for an 8×10″ print to be framed it will cost $14, and that’s with free shipping  That’s $5.50 more for me to personally frame and ship it out to you. Prices are due to change when the cost of materials change (not anytime soon), but you’ll see it in my store!

I framed my original “Sunflower 7” painting and it is now hanging on my wall  I love it so much and looks very professional! 

And here’s the picture I was talking about, that I added to every product listing:

Annnddd, here’s a picture of Me n’ Tigger :”) aka *T-i-double-ga-rrrrrr*


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