👩‍🎨 4 New Artwork Pieces 👩‍🎨

Titles & Descriptions

Cherry Blossoms – Painted in oil with a palette knife. Tree branches hanging down with cherry blossoms blooming.

Sunflower Basket” – One of many sunflower paintings I’ve completed! This one was finished in marker. Beautiful sunflowers neatly arranged in a woven basket on a table with other sunflowers hanging around.

The Lake in Winter” – Oil painting. Sunny day in winter with snow on the ground and on top.

World View” – This painting was completed in oil. Looking over rocks, you can see lots of lands, mountains, and a beautiful sky.

3 of 4 paintings have been completed for a while now, and I finally got around to posting it on here, and adding them to my store. You can buy prints from $5.99 and up, and a framed print only costs $14 with free shipping! Check out my store here.


If you haven’t caught up on my Facebook or Instagram, I’ve also experimented with painting a cell phone case for my Blu Vivo 5R phone 😃. I started cleaning up my art room and got distracted when I saw a blank cell phone case and oil paint, so I couldn’t resist! I painted the entire case in a greenish color with a sunflower on it. I’m not sure how well the paint will hold up on the case, cause I’ve never done this before. I will have to try a sealing coat, let it dry, and try it out to see. Here’s what I did:

For a quick paint job, I think it turned out pretty cool. I’m just waiting for it to dry now. In the meantime, I’ll have to find something else to paint. Well, that’s it for now!


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